How Apple has Changed the Face of Technology and its Users

How Apple has changed the world

When the Macintosh computers first came out over 35 years ago, they were way more expensive than DOS (disk operating system) computers, but nevertheless they took a chunk of the market right off the bat. It later became known simply as the “Mac” and had a very useful OS and interface, making it very user-friendly. With its mouse based screen control, the user only had to move things around and operate in sections or in blocks of space which came to be known as Windows.

Even though Mac did not make it big in the market at first, it actually influenced Microsoft with its Windows environment, which made it big when they proliferated the system in the marketplace. This is really interesting to know, because it gives the impression that the two giants in the industry had started this spectacular connection that really changed the world today.

Leaving Mac behind

Computers, as introduced to the masses in the beginning, were mainly embraced by techies and nerdy types who seemed to exclusively understand the coding, programming and so on. The early computers were not very sophisticated and they were much cheaper than the Mac, which is why the sales of TRS-80’s, Compact, Columbia and other similar brands began to leave the Mac behind in the market.

Despite leading in sales, DOS based computer had (or with Microsoft OS), they still had their difficulties. Microsoft, for the record, had struggled with their OS upgrades, and the errors it had brought in transition made the customer experience mostly frustrating. On the other hand, the Apple OS expanded with high end operating principles, giving their users pretty much a better experience with none of the same glitches. Microsoft users had new ways of getting to the same place, which created a new learning curve in many cases.

The Mac did not persist, however, as a stellar performer in sales, until Steve Jobs returned to a nearly dead company after his ho-hum 12 years existence with Next and Pixar. It was at this time when Jobs introduced the iPod.

iPod has started it all

The existing market back then was made up of MP3 players, portable CD players and the king of the market, the Sony Walkman. By 2001, the public quickly loved the iPod, because of its enhanced user experience and new features. The music industry was literally changed by the iPod, as the star became the song itself, rather than the album. Users could just download a single song and the emphasis was quickly shifted from CDs in the record stores to downloaded songs on the internet via online music stores.

How apple has changed the worldThe iPod changed Apple too, as it now became a consumer technology company, which is still its main focus today. When the iPhone came out it became a raging success, but it has also fueled the great success of Android, which “borrowed” the iPhone technology and presentation to instill its presence in the smartphone world.

Now with the iPad, Apple has conquered the “easy to use” segment of the computer market. Instead of storing and doing everything on a clunky desktop computer, they’ve helped introduce a revolution where nearly all internet searches are conducted on a portable device, such as a smartphone and iPad or similar tablet.